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1998, 2000, 2002, & 2004: Vice and Virtue in the Middletime - John Frandsen

Principals : Dorthe Elsebet Larsen; Nanna Hovmand; Liv Oddveig Midtmageli; Pia Schnack; Ingrid Aareskjold; Jens Krogsgaard;
2004           Jan Flemming Jensen; Bo Kristian Jensen; Jesper Mikkelsen; Lars Møller; Lars Thodberg Bertelsen; Søren Mulvad;
                   Jens Bruno Hansen; Carl Christian Rasmussen; Ulf Stenbjørn
2002:          Dorthe Elsebet Larsen; Kristina Wessman; Anne Kleinstrup; Pia Schnack; Ingrid Aareskjold; Ole Hedegaard; Jan
                   Flemming Jensen; Bo Kristian Jensen; Jesper Mikkelsen; Jens Søndergaard; Søren Mulvad; Jens Bruno Hansen;
                   Carl Christian Rasmussen; Ulf Stenbjørn
2000:          Kerstin Petterson; Kristina Wessman; Anne Kleinstrup; Helene Gjerris; Ole Hedegaard; Robert BøgeLund Vinther;
                   Dag Waade; Søren Mulvad; Ulf Stenbjørn
1998:          Eva Hess Thaysen; Lone Rasmussen; Anne Kleinstrup; Pia Schnack; Peter Lohdal; Jan Lund; Robert BøgeLund
                   Vinther; Hans Dueholm; Jørn Pedersen; Søren Mulvad; Carl Christian Rasmussen, Niels Pihl; Ulf Stenbjørn

Directorr: Niels Pihl / Kasper Holten (1998)
Designer: Karin Seisbøll / Marie í Dali (1998)
Conductor: David Riddell / Peter Ettrup Larsen (2002)
Randers Chamber Orchestra

Tugt og Utugt I Mellemtiden (Vice and Virtue in the Middletime), an opera trilogy based on Svend Aage Madsen's fantasy novel, has been one of the cornerstones of Aarhus Sommeropera's repertoire in recent years. The premiere of the first part of the trilogy was in 1998 and the second part was premiered in 2000, and in the summer of 2004, Aarhus Sommeropera proudly presented the complete performance of the trilogy, including the world premiere of the third and final opera. Tugt og Utugt I Mellemtiden was subsequently nominated for a prestigious Reumert Award, the company's fourth nomination.

Composer John Frandsen studied at Aarhus University, the Jutland Conservatory of Music in Aarhus and the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen. He has distinguished himself as an opera composer with such works as Amalie for the opera theatre group Undergrunden, Queen Boudicca for Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen, and most recently I-K-O-N at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.

"Aarhus Sommeropera has now finished its impressive project: John Frandsen's Tugt og Utugt I Mellemtiden based on Svend Åge Madsens Århus-novel. It has become a refreshing, entertaining and rich performance lasting over twelve hours. A triumph." (Jyllandsposten)

"One understands the joy and relief emminating from the entire Aarhus Sommeropera company - players and officials alike - when the applause roared through the old theatre. Increasing in intensity for each round, culminating after the third, this special effort in theatre-sport, best described as "opera-marathon", was now crowned with success: the medals were won......It is simultaneously interesting, touchingly groteske, deeply serious, and full of warmth.......Aarhus Sommeropera has - against all odds - presented an immense and totally insane opera project much larger than one would think possible." (Århus Siftstidende)

"And conductor David Riddell and his musicians played formidably. Clear and enchanting. In all, seven and a half hours of musikdrama , if one counts the interval in each performance......That the third part, with its 3-hour playing time did not seem one jot too long is a measure of the projects immense success." (Politiken)

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