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2001: The Revenge of Olympia - Erik Bach

Principals: Jette Rosendal; Kristina Wessmann; Pia Schnack; Bo Kristian Jensen; Jesper Mikkelsen; Jacob Zethner-Møller
Directorr: Niels Pihl
Designer: Karin Seisbøll
Conductor: David Riddell
Randers Chamber Orchestra

World premiere of a new opera by Erik Bach, with libretto by Lars Ole Bonde, performed together with Rimsky Korsakov's one act opera  Mozart & SalieriThe year is 2091. Olympia is a musical replicant whose purpose is to travel back in time to experience musical events at first hand and to return to her own time and give music history a new lease of life in the museums of the world at the end of the 21st. century. In Mozart & Salieri a blind violinist plays a short excerpt from a Mozart opera at the inn where Mozart meets Salieri. This violinist is the replicant Olympia, who has travelled back through time in disguise. Returning from 1791 with new experiences, insights, and visions, violinist-replicant Olympia confides in the other  musical replicants. Chaos ensues, and the replicants turn against their creator Coppizani, demanding the most human of human rights : the right to dream.

Aarhus Sommeropera breaks the mould again! The traditional border between the stage and the orchestra pit was totally destroyed in this unique production. Both principals in this opera, Jette Rosendal and Jan Lund are fully trained instrumentalists as well as singers, and the concept of the drama was built upon both principals performing and singing on stage !!

Erik Bach studied at the Jutland Conservatory of Music and at Aarhus University. Bach was composer in residence at Edinburgh University before going on to teach at various Danish musical institutions. From 1978-92 he was principal of the North Jutland Conservatory and from 1992-2001 was principal of the Jutland Conservatory of Music.
"Best show in town, tankevækkende teater." (Aarhus Stiftstidende)

"Best show in town. Thought-provoking theatre" (Aarhus Stiftstidende)

"This is opera news, a festive evening with the necessary taste of the seriousness of life" (Jyllandsposten)

"He who dares, wins, and Aarhus Sommeropera both dare and win, apparently every time!" (Aktuelt)

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